ROMANY ROSE MINI SOAP 28-30g (batch of 60)

A BATCH OF 60 milky, pale pink, fresh handmade MINI sized soaps, RECTANGULAR in shape. Ideal for the hospitality industry, Guest Houses, B&B, Hotels and Lodges, weddings and corporate events. This soap is wrapped in clear cellophane with a label.

Contains ROSE and YLANG YLANG essential oils.

An intensely sweet, deep, rich, exotic floral fragrance which is SEDATING, CALMING, RELAXING, COOLING and TONYIFYING. Use this beautiful soap to combat STRESS, TENSION, ANXIETY and HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE - wash all the pressures of the day away!

Weight approx 28-30g per piece. Dimensions 52x13x38mm per piece. Batch of 60.


Category: Hospitality Wholesale

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