EDEN MINI SOAP 28-30g (batch of 60)

A BATCH OF 60 creamy mint green, fresh handmade MINI sized soaps, RECTANGULAR in shape. Ideal for the hospitality industry, Guest Houses, B&B, Hotels and Lodges, weddings and corporate events. This soap is wrapped in clear cellophane with a label.

Contains LIME, YLANG YLANG and BLACK PEPPER essential oils.

A fresh, yet sensual, deep soft, peppery, exquisite exotic luxurious floral fragrance that is uplifting to the spirit, creating a sense of relaxed wellbeing! This soap is everything you imagine the Garden of Eden to be! br/>

Weight approx 28-30g per piece. Dimensions 52x13x38mm per piece. Batch of 60


Category: Hospitality Wholesale

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