SOLID SHAMPOO BAR, ROSEMARY, 190-200g (batch of 8)

A batch of 8 SOLID SHAMPOO BARS rosemary and coconut oil 190-200g

A handcut solid RECTANGULAR SHAMPOO bar with a rich, creamy texture that lathers well. Contains ROSEMARY essential oil and COCONUT OIL.

A strong, fresh, camphoraceous and herbaceous floral fragrance that is REFRESHING, STIMULATING, TONIFYING, ENERGIZING and WARMING, with STRONG ANTISEPTIC PROPERTIES.

Traditionally ROSEMARY essential oil has been used for problems of the hair and scalp. It STIMULATES CIRCULATION to the scalp and can be used to treat alopecia and dandruff.

COCONUT OIL is traditionally used for dry skin and for hair and scalp treatments. It has an emollient effect and is rich in vitamins and essential fatty acids that moisturize and nourish the scalp and hair and help to remove sebum build up from the hair follicles.


Weight approx 190-200g per piece. Dimensions 52x107x30mm per piece

Category: Hair Care wholesale

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