LIQUID SHAMPOO, ROSEMARY, 250ml (batch of 6)

A BATCH of 6, LIQUID SHAMPOO rosemary 250ml

Blue 250ml PET bottle with white pump containing clear, colourless, LIQUID SHAMPOO with that lathers well. Contains ROSEMARY essential oil.

A strong, fresh, camphoraceous and herbaceous floral fragrance that is REFRESHING, STIMULATING, TONIFYING, ENERGIZING and WARMING, with STRONG ANTISEPTIC PROPERTIES.

Traditionally ROSEMARY essential oil has been used for problems of the hair and scalp. It STIMULATES CIRCULATION to the scalp and can be used to treat alopecia and dandruff.


Weight approx 250g per bottle.  Volume 250ml per bottle. Dimensions 128x58mm per bottle


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