BUCHU loose leaf tea

BUCHU loose leaf tea.

Organically grown and hand harvested in the Wellington Area of the Western Cape.

Barosma Betulina short leaf buchu is known as the miracle herb and is indigenous to the Western Cape.  It is an evergreen flowering shrub that forms part of the Cape's Fynbos plant Kingdom.

It has natural anti inflammatory and antiseptic properties and is rich in vitamins A, B, C and E and was historically used by the Khoisan for its medicinal and anti ageing properties.

The Khoisan introduced it to the European settlers and the first documented use was as far back as 1652 by the Dutch Colonists in Cape Town.  By the 1800s, buchu tea was in demand around the world and 8 bales of Buchu were even found on the cargo manifest of the Titanic!  It was used during the Crimean and First World Wars as an antiseptic to clean battle field wounds.

Buchu promotes detoxificartion and is a natural diuretic with its anti bacterial properties and helps to flush the kidneys of any toxic wastes and harmful free radicals.  It is good for treating inflamation and kidney and urinary tract infections, as a stomach tonic and can also help with a hangover and other symptoms of over indulgence.

GOOD FOR: urinary tract infections, cystitis, reduces prostrate inflammation, bloating, menstrual cramps, helps to break up kidney and bladder stones.





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