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A handcut block of fresh handmade soap. Contains GROUND CINNAMON BARK, fresh BANANA, natural YOGHURT, VANILLA with CINNAMON LEAF and PATCHOULI essential oils.

A familiar, strong, warm, spicy, sweet, woody, musky fragrance.

Fresh BANANAS soften the skin - they are moisturizing and reduce water loss from the skin as well as having high levels of vitamins and minerals, especially potassium. Natural YOGHURT cleanses and conditions the skin and is thought to stimulate cell production. The combination of PATCHOULI and CINNAMON LEAF essential oils create a STRENGHTENING, SOOTHING, ENERGIZING, RESTORATIVE, WARMING and STIMULATING soap.

Good for CHILLS and POOR CIRCULATION, RHEUMATISM, and EXHAUSTION. This soap is a favorite shaving soap, lovely and creamy, wonderful smell and leaves the skin silky soft!

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