A chunky, handcut, RECTANGULAR block of fresh handmade soap.

This soap contains pure PATCHOULI essential oil, which has a long lasting, deep, warm exotic fragrance that is masculine, woody and earthy. A fragrance remeniscent of a walk in the forest after a night of rain.

PATCHOULI essential oil is a pleasant, dry, aromatic, slightly sweet, balsamic, warm and musky fragrance that is masculine, oily-woody and earthy. A fragrance strongly associated with the 1960's when it was used to evoke a mood of warmth, sexuality and a relaxed style of living!

STIMULATING, STRENGTHENING, WARMING, REGENERATING, TONIFYING, SOOTHING, UPLIFTING and BALANCING. Good for nervous tension and anxiety.The combination of ANTISEPTIC and ASTRINGENT properties makes it good for oily skins, acne, impetigo and fungal infections. Can be used to improve scars and stretch marks and is very good for ageing skins and can help to prevent wrinkles. 

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