A rectangular or square block of milky, handcut, fresh handmade soap.

Contains ground almonds, raw, organic honey and NEROLI and SWEET ORANGE essential oils.

An exquisite, delightfully fresh, powerfully floral, intensely sweet, pleasant citrus fragrance which is also light and refreshing.

This soap is REFRESHING, RELAXING, CALMING and UPLIFTING. It is DETOXIFYING, DEODORIZING and has ANTISPASMODIC properties so it can help with cramps. Very good for dry skin and willhelp to stimulate the elimination of dead skin cells.

NEROLI is distilled from the orange blossom of the bitter orange tree, also known as the Seville Orange tree. It is one of the classic perfume and eau de cologne ingredients.

HONEY is an excellent humectant for moisturizing the skin and also has antiseptic properties.

GROUND ALMONDS make an excellent exfoliant, leaving the skin soothed, nourished and conditioned.

square block, weight approx 90-100g per piece. Dimensions 52x52x30mm per piece.

rectangular chunk, weight approx 190-200g per piece. Dimensions 52x107x30mm per piece


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