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A 10ml BLUE GLASS bottle with DROPPER

A 50ml BLUE GLASS bottle with DROPPER


A combination of LEMON, CLOVE, CINNAMON, EUCALYPTUS and ROSEMARY pure undiluted essential oils.


This combination of oils has been used for centuries and there are many stories about its origin - this is our favorite:

Legend has it that this combination of oils was used during the great plague.  Four spice merchants were out of work and were making ends meet by robbing the dead and the dying.  They would douse themselves with the oil and cover their faces with masks before they went on their nightly sprees.  When the King discovered that they were not dying even though they were in constant contacted with those infected with the plague, he issued a decree that if they handed themselves over and gave him their secret he would allow them to go free!


And so here it is, tried and tested for centuries - we have called our version QUINTESSENTIAL DEFENCE.


LEMON - fresh, sweet, green, citrus. Cleansing, tonyifying, astringent, antiseptic, refreshing, antiviral.

CLOVE - strong, spicy, woody with a fruity fresh top note. Warming, stimulating, powerful antiseptic, anti neuralgic.

CINNAMON - strong, pungent, warm, spicy.  Stimulating, tonufying, and antiseptic.

EUCALYPTUS - strong, penetrating, camphoraceous with a faintly woody undertone.  decongestant, antiseptic.

ROSEMARY - strong, penetrating, warm, fresh, camphoraceous, herbaceous. Stimulating, warming, tonifying, fortifying, antiseptic.

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